Riverwood Community Centre

Disability Services

Our Disability Services provide a range of skills based, leisure and recreational activities to children, young people and adults with mild to profound disabilities. Programs can be are delivered in an individual or group setting. The programs that are run by Riverwood Community Centre, provide opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in a range of experiences that promote personal independence, develop friendships, inclusion and aim to optimise physical functioning and enhance overall well-being. We deliver:

Social Support Services
These programs increase community participation, developing friendships, social inclusion, opportunities to explores ones interests and try new things, building self-esteem and confidence.

Individual Services
These programs build on current skills and assist people with a disability to develop new skills. They encourage support to mobilise strength, and provide support and opportunities for continued learning and growth

Coordination of Supports
Riverwood Community Centre is committed to strengthening and enhancing a participant and their family’s abilities to coordinate and implement all supports in their NDIS plan. Our team of experienced staff will help you reach decisions regarding the best value and most appropriate services for you, and develop agreements with support providers.

“Proudly delivering accessible, high quality
services in our community since 1974”

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