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Community Programs

The Riverwood Community Centre provides information and advice, conducts community projects and supports community activities for the people of Riverwood and surrounding suburbs.

We believe that communities thrive when people are connected and engaged. We focus our efforts on fostering a sense of community and establishing a vibrant, healthy neighbourhood where people feel safe, connected and proud to live in our community.

Community Information and Advice

The Riverwood Community Centre provides a community information, advice and referral service for the Riverwood and surrounding communities.

The staff help people by providing information relating to their concerns, initial advice and referring them on to services that can help them most effectively.

Community Activities

We promote an inclusive and tolerant community through our three community hubs at Riverwood Community Centre, Punchbowl Community Centre and Thurlow Street Community Hub.

We also organise a range of events each year, including the Spring Fair, and support a range of voluntary community groups to conduct activities within the community.

Community Garden

The Riverwood Community Garden is one of the largest community gardens in New South Wales, with over 82 garden plots.

The garden is a place for gardeners of all ages and experience levels to meet and share in the benefits of growing fresh, local and organic produce.

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