About Us

Riverwood Community Centre has been servicing the community since 1974.

Riverwood Community Centre provides extensive services, activities, and facilities for children, young people, families, older people, people with a disability and community groups. We provide programs funded by the Australian and NSW Governments, supported by local Councils service groups and businesses and delivered by skilled staff and volunteers.

Our History – built on the foundation of past success

Riverwood Community Centre has evolved over the past 40 years from a small neighbourhood centre into one of the largest community centres in the Canterbury Bankstown and Georges River areas, delivering a broad range of services. The Centre has never shied away from its support for the local community. The redevelopment of the Riverwood Estate and proposals for significant redevelopment across the suburb are the latest challenges facing the Centre. As the local community centre, we are focussed on supporting the local community to identify their concerns and ensure that they are heard.

Our Strategic Plan

RCC 2021-2023 Strategic Plan V1

Our Focus Areas

As the only local service provider supporting a very disadvantaged and diverse community, RCC must

acknowledge it has finite resources and prioritise its efforts to be most effective and achieve greater efficiency.

The following Key Focus Areas are the priority for the period of this strategic plan.

Foster a Thriving and Responsive Centre

A contemporary, viable and responsive Centre that is at the heart of the local community and has a reputation as a sector leader with robust governance and organisational systems and a skilled, dedicated workforce and Board.

Embrace & Encourage Diversity

Encourage people of all cultures, religions and abilities
and to use our centre and share their experiences and create a workforce that reflects the community’s
diversity. Strengthen our relationship with First Nations people and develop with them initiatives to improve
access to our services and facilities.

Demonstrate Strong Leadership

Provide guidance and advocacy at all levels of government and the
community through strong management and inspired workforce capability. Demonstrate the commitment to
personal and professional development through the completion of training and development programs and
activity by the Board, Management, employees and to the broader community . Continue to be the authentic
advocate of the community’s concerns, hopes and aspirations.

Collaborate Effectively

Engage with stakeholders and community members to develop collaborative
services, programs, and activities that are relevant and valued – communicate effectively internally and externally accountability. Reach out to people in the community to determine needs, support required, areas of
hardship, and difficulty to seek to build solutions. To engage in building partnerships with other providers,
where possible, to deliver better services in a more efficient and effective manner that may not otherwise be
available. Use technology, including social media, to communicate, care and support others in the community.

Deliver Quality Services

Provide services of the highest quality that are meaningful and progressive
with a focus on individual choice and control. Use technology, including social media, to provide effective
communication and support with a diverse community recognising the preferred methods of communication,
collaboration and engagement may vary from one to another. To be recognised as the reliable, valued, and trusted local provider of community services.

Prioritise Support for the Most Disadvantaged in our Community

ensure our programs, services
and activities target the most disadvantaged in our community and develop strategies that empower and
improve quality of life. Within the limitations of funding, work towards skilling people in our community and
building their resilience, enabling them to better pursue their own ambitions.

Our people – skilled and passionate

What makes the Centre so successful is that it is managed and staffed by people who are passionate in their support for the Riverwood and surrounding community.

Board of Directors

Our Board is drawn from and elected by local people to serve the local community.

Management Staff

Our staff are carefully selected to ensure we respond to the issues confronting our community.


Our volunteers allow us to extend services to hundreds of people in our community.

See our Current Team

Our jobs – join a diverse team of passionate staff

Riverwood Community Centre is a diverse organisation, structured and staffed to serve a diverse community of all ages and backgrounds. We support, develop and train our staff to ensure that we are focussed on achieving the best outcomes for everyone who participates in our programs. Check our jobs board for current vacancies.

Our Publications

Riverwood Community Centre Ltd is a not for profit Company Limited by Guarantee and is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission. We report annually on our activities and financial management.

Our Partners

We are supported by, and work collaboratively with a wide range of agencies, services and local business and service groups. We gratefully acknowledge the major funding provided by the NSW Department of Family and Community Services and the Australian Department of Health. In addition, the Centre is supported by our local councils, businesses and service groups and other community organisations.

The Centre is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office as a deductible gift recipient and is able to accept tax deductible gifts and contributions. If you donate to the Centre, you may be able to claim a tax deduction for any donations you make of $2 or more.


“Proudly delivering accessible, high quality
services in our community since 1974”

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