Riverwood Community Centre

Social Support Services

These programs increase community participation, developing friendships, social inclusion, opportunities to explores ones interests and try new things, building self-esteem and confidence. The programs include:

Skills Development: Such as accessing the community, travel training, shopping skills, personal care, meal preparation and every day practical living skills. Supports are person centered and aim to build upon current skills and assist children/young people and adults in developing new skills.

Health and Well-being: To increase the capacity to make healthy choices, and provide opportunities to engage in fitness and sports activities.

Group Programs: Modelled around similar groups available to people without disabilities. They are designed to challenge, entertain, extend and provide stimulation and fun. The group participates in a range of community access programs and centre based sensory and exploratory activities.

All programs are age appropriate and designed to meet individual and group needs.

“Proudly delivering accessible, high quality
services in our community since 1974”

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