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Riverwood Community Centre has been servicing the community since 1974.

This past 12 months has included quite a few changes for our organisation, the most significant being the settling of our new CEO Barry Higgins. We are continuing to make progress against key strategic priorities including:

Build on the foundation of past success

Barry Higgins, CEO, has been fortunate to take leadership of a strong service with skilled managers and staff as well as a Board very connected to the concerns of our community. At the centre of this is our former CEO Pauline Gallagher who gave more than 35 years to developing RCC from a small neighbourhood centre into a team of skilled workers – a large staff and hundreds of volunteers, focused upon running three Community Centres:

  • Social Housing Support Services across Central Sydney South

  • Child Youth and Family Services, Community Development Services

  • Aged Care Services and various auspice programs.

Our main Centre at Riverwood has more than 2,000 people pass through its doors each week, which speaks to our connectedness to the community. At one level we need to simply keep doing more of the same, continuously improving as we go.

Respond to the development of the Riverwood Housing Estate

RCC is aware of the need for due diligence in ensuring that any future development includes consideration of the broad needs of our community. We have especially focused our attention upon understanding the challenges and opportunities with the proposed next stage in the Riverwood State Significant Precinct Development (the old Riverwood Public Housing Estate area). As the only local community centre located in Riverwood, we have a mandate to support our local community’s concerns. With this in mind we have conducted a comprehensive social study that takes into account lessons learnt from other similar developments, best practice research and the voices of of local stakeholders. This study will guide our future responses.

Opportunity knocks

A significant new development has been the formation of Opportunity Knocks. This new program aims to increase links between business and supporting young people into training and employment opportunities. We are looking for corporate friends who want to make a difference in the lives of young people. Jonas’ story on page 8 is but one example of innovative business partnerships we hope we can foster even further into the coming year.


Our new brand celebrates our past as a means to inspire us to new opportunities. The colours are bright, optimistic and varied, recognising our multicultural approach. The images are intentionally busy, reflecting our many and varied activities across all ages.

The three arrows emphasise direction and movement into the future. The ‘parent brand’ continues to be the Riverwood Community Centre, as this has strong resonance in our community, especially in Riverwood. Yet we have also developed three sub-brands RCC Aged Services, RCC Child, Youth and Family Services and RCC Community Programs. This allows us to have service specific identities that are separate to a geographical identity. This rebrand is linked to wider community engagement and partnership development strategy that includes engaging social media and other creative forms of communication to increase the appeal and reach of our services.

Who is Riverwood Community Centre?

“Proudly delivering accessible, high quality
services in our community since 1974”

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