“Proudly delivering accessible, high quality
services in our community since 1974”

Riverwood Community Centre Services

Our aim is for our community members to become educated and are able to actively participate in decisions that affect the quality of their lives.

The role of the Riverwood Community Centre is to encourage, empower and support community participation. We are mindful, respect and celebrate our rich cultural diversity. The services we provide enable growth and confidence in a sensitive and safe environment – creating a sense of well-being. We are proud we can deliver all these objectives in a community they are happy and proud to live in.

These services include:

Who is Riverwood Community Centre?

Our Vision

All Individuals in the areas Riverwood Community Centre services, will have the capacity to meet their own needs and develop a safe community they are happy and proud to live in.

Our Values

  • Encourage, empower and support community participation
  • Enable people to make their own choices.
  • Prioritise those with the highest level of need and vulnerabilities.
  • Respect and celebrate diversity and provide services that are inclusive and sensitive.
  • Deliver accessible, high quality services in caring, safe environments which create a sense of well-being.
  • Respond and be accountable to our communities and funding bodies.
  • Manage resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Value and respect staff and volunteers.
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